Monday, April 23, 2012

Color with Collars!!! (Part II)

Heeeeeyyy beauties in blogland!!! I'm back with more cute collars that were designed and made by yours truly. These too collars gives a completely different look to each outfit which I love.

This collar the "Lady Bug", has a t-shirt neckline with a wide circular ending. It is not your typical triangular collar. It gives the dress a younger and a fresher vibe.

The second collar, named "Traditional", is just your typical triangular collar that you find on button downed shirts. It's the 1st style you think of when you think of a collar. This collar makes a statement by its bright red material which gives any outfit a pop. Not to mention the cute embellishments which makes it far from boring. 

So there you have it two cute collars to add some fun in a simple outfit.

Collars by: Piksty

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Color With Collars!!! (Part I)

Holla dollies!!! I'm back with my new presentation of collars. I love collars and their great ability to make a dress look a little more cute and classy. 

Collars by: Piksty