Thursday, July 28, 2011

1940's Inspired Vintage Bathing Suit.

I have so many bikini bathing suits, however this summer I was feeling a bit Flapper-Ish. So I decided to make a 1940's Vintage inspired bathing suite from scratch. 
Whoever said that one cannot live 7 decades in the past even if your the only one?  

polka dot material was reincarnated from an old dress and the booty fluff was created thanks to the death of my Dads old White T. Ohhh the joy of recycling old clothes. :-) 

Call me the real "Foxy Brown". 
I bought this wig for a 70's party a few months ago. However I didn't want it to sit around and collect dust so i decided have some fun with it.

This outfit was originally a dress. However i turned them into pants so that it would be fit for the 70's look.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I loved my outfit so much that I wore it when I went out to eat with some friends from high school. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recreation of Boring Clothes.

Like me, everyone has old clothes that doesn't fit quite well. Or boring pieces that you wouldn't dare wear outside the comfort of your home. Never Fear, just a few adjustments will make them good to WEAR. ;-)

Blouse: Anne Klein NY; Shorts:Homemade

Shoes: Guess by Marciano; Belt: Bebe; Clutch: unbranded  

Belt: Forever 21; Shoes: Aerosoles; Clutch: unbranded

See with a few pins and the right accessories we have two great looks. And the best thing is that no one will ever know your secret. Unless you tell them of course. ;-)